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Shirodara package is the super complete package that is recommended for those of you who are tired from vacationing with hectic activities. Enjoy a massage that relaxes your body from head to toe with a variety of combination Indian massage techniques, namely the abhyanga massage technique. You also get a spesial treatment such as Balinese Facial. The last step after a toe to head massage for the perfect spa result is with a milky fragrance bath

The special package from Shirodara package has many benefits for your health body. Some of the special advantages of Shirodara package treatment, such as:

  • Optimizing the body to be fitter
  • Reducing insomnia and vertigo
  • Revitalize the body
  • Smooth Blood Circulation
  • Provides a relaxing effect

Shirodara Package Consist Of


Best Price For You Is IDR 1.050.000 Only

Enjoy our best relaxation package for 210 minutes to get a refreshed body with Shirodara package. Shirodara package is the main recommendation for those of you who want to try to pamper yourself after a tired activity.

Don’t forget to stop at the Seminyak Gift Spa. This special package is also suitable as a gift to your loved ones. Pamper yourself with a variety of the best spa treatments only at Seminyak Gift Spa.

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