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The Manicure Service at Seminyak Gift Spa provides special beauty care service for fingernails and hands. The service package provided consists of cutting nails with techniques to make nails more beautiful, cleaning the cuticle area, hand massage, and applying nail polish. Get a best experience manicure treatment only at Seminyak Gift Spa

Spa manicure and pedicure as beauty treatments are believed to have extraordinary benefits for your pretty nails. Some of the special advantages of manicure and pedicure treatments, include:

  • Boosted nail health
  • Prevent fungal infection
  • Prevent calluses
  • Caring for cuticles
  • Make your hands look younger

Special price For Manicure Treatment

Manicure Treatment

In Seminyak Gift Spa

Manicure padicure spa is the main recommendation for those of you who want to try treatments for your beautiful fingers in Bali. Don’t forget to stop at the Seminyak Gift Spa. When your treatment is complete, you can continue your activities with your beautiful new nails.

Get the most quality holiday while in Bali with a variety of the best spa treatments only at Seminyak Gift Spa.

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